Visinor working on the Hardanger Bridge

We protect Norway

Visinor AS is one of the country’s leading companies in the field of rock fall protection and concrete rehabilitation. We have more than 25 years of experience and all of our 95 employees have the certification required for performing various types of assignments very safely and to a high level of quality. We have a head office in Bjerkvik in Nordland, a branch office in Kristiansand and several equipment stores located throughout the country.

We install rockfall protection, perform rock scaling with pry-bars and water jets and attach nets. We also undertake bolting and the installation of rock fences along roads and behind both new constructions and existing buildings. We carry out bolting in tunnels – rock bolts/fastening bolts for lights, fans etc. We carry out rock assessments and, in consultation with geologists, come up with sensible and economical solutions. We work with a combination of self-propelled personnel lifts, lifts, mobile cranes, truck cranes, helicopters and industrial rope access.

Concrete rehabilitation, pointing, membranes, bearings, water jetting, shotcreting, cathodic protection, sand blasting, painting, cable wrapping, inspections, casting and patching/polishing.

We have the best equipment and a motivated and competent team of staff.

From January 1st, 2015 we have established our own import company that allows private companies, and the public sector to have quick access to supplies.

Visinor brontolag at work



Betongrenovering AS was established in 1989 by three founders, Kjell Arne Olsen, Kirsten Bones Olsen and Georg Karlsen, who were inspired by what they saw of the rehabilitation work on bridges, quays and buildings. The three saw that through local rock bolting they could create valuable employment.

Throughout the 90s, we also worked to strengthen rockfall protection as part of the service spectrum. In a mountainous country like Norway, rockfall protection plays an important part in protecting materials and people. The big breakthrough in this area came when our company was given the task of installing rockfall protection on Trollstigen, one of the country’s nature wonders. We worked on the project for three years from 1999.

In 2005, we acquired Monans Fjellsikring from Kristiansand, which had extensive experience in rockfall protection. Along with former employees, we established Fjell Renovering AS which was a success.

Betongrenovering Rehab AS was established in 2007, which introduced concrete rehabilitation to the group and from 2008, all the companies came together in a new group (Betongrenovering Holding AS) which now has the name Visinor AS.

We have established branches/stores in Råde i Østfold, Hell in Trøndelag, and project offices in Bergen and Voss in addition to our head office in Bjerkvik i Nordland and our branch office in Kristiansand, Visinor Fjell Sør AS. This is in order to be able to reach assignments and customers as quickly as possible with people and equipment.

We have over time acquired a wide selection of quality machinery and equipment. Much of the equipment is purchased from abroad. From January 1st, 2015 we have taken this further by establishing our own import company under the name of Visinor Import AS. Here, private companies and the public sector can purchase materials for the rockfall protection industry.

All the companies are now organized under an umbrella or holding company Visinor AS, which is a major player in Norway within rock protection and concrete rehabilitation. We are available for your safety 24 hours a day all year round. And to make everything easy for our customers, we have a common number 800 43 500, where you can always reach us.

Our four operating companies are now Visinor Fjell Sør AS (Fjellrenovering AS), Visinor Fjell Nord AS (Betongrenovering Drift AS), Visinor Rehab AS (Betongrenovering Rehab AS), and our new import company, Visnior Import AS.

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